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1 Jan 2020

qso made with 500w in short and long pass! you can check what is the best!!! incredible!!!! nice day!

1 Jan 2020

Happy New Year 2020

enjoying my old school radio vintage!


hope hear you on air!


31 Dec 2019

ohm law!!! very important for new year day!!!! XD

31 Dec 2019

New year, new projects!!!

working in a 4:1 balanced balun!

soon on air with a new antenna!

happy new year to all!

21 Apr 2019

just active in 70th aniversari ure foundation! adding my grain of sand!

3 Mar 2019

this weekend working hard to construct the vertical bigir vertical steppir antena!

after the work i found an issue in the feed point..  so this project will take time!  but happy to be going on!

5 Jan 2019

the first Saturday of every year a snack is made to promote the Balearic HAM spirit.. this year I was able to attend! happy New Year 2019!

26 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018
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