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31 Dec 2019

ohm law!!! very important for new year day!!!! XD

31 Dec 2019

New year, new projects!!!

working in a 4:1 balanced balun!

soon on air with a new antenna!

happy new year to all!

21 Apr 2019

just active in 70th aniversari ure foundation! adding my grain of sand!

3 Mar 2019

this weekend working hard to construct the vertical bigir vertical steppir antena!

after the work i found an issue in the feed point..  so this project will take time!  but happy to be going on!

5 Jan 2019

the first Saturday of every year a snack is made to promote the Balearic HAM spirit.. this year I was able to attend! happy New Year 2019!

26 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018
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