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About me

I was born in 1976, on Mallorca, I began in Ham radio in 1994 in the 11m band and after the first qso in AM with Madrid capital with only 4w with mobile station... another world was opening they door for me! After that i build my first base station in 11m all was changing with 3 elem minibeam, president lincoln and 100w from zetagui bv 131 hihihi.

my first ham callsign was EC6TV in 2002 and after that... i start in 2003 in first class operator like EA6AFF, and finally i change 5 years later, in 2008 to my actually EA6UP

Here tree hams joking ! from left to right :
EA6UP Miguel
EA6TT Toni

EA6BH Mateo instructing me!
A very wise person!

Fox hunting in 144mhz !!
First place to EA6UP & EA6DX team!
Miguel A. Rotger Palou